venerdì 14 dicembre 2012

Scampis Lessons Learned

Scampis demonstrated that integrated strategies for rural livelihood improvement are indispensable for sustainable scaling-up of micro-irrigation.
  • Institutions involvement is crucial for the structural embedding of MIS for more productive agricultural production
  • Local availability of low-cost MIS supply chain together with post

    -sales services
  • Strengthening farmers knowledge in intensive agricultural practices and management of savings
  • Diversified and safe vegetable production, conservation (for own supply and for the market) and strategic marketing for sales knowledge is important to move farmers from extreme poverty to logic of  micro-investments and  plans for the future.
  • Farmers and micro-entrepreneurs economic fragility could affect the investment decision. Supporting farmers to access formal or informal micro-finance institutions and organized production and sales (e.g. in group) is important to overcome the investment risk factor.

Read and download the Scampis detailed lessons learned.

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