lunedì 7 maggio 2012

Differences between M&E and MSC for the SCAMPIS project

M&E and MSC at glance for the SCAMPIS project
SCAMPIS Most Significant Change
Our strategy in connecting M&E and MSC
Focus on measurement (output and outcome data; simple and composite indicators)
Focus on real life experience
Integrate data information to the stories: each data will have its related quality example for each country that will provide not only the context but the linkages with the other indicators. Reading the Scampis M&E will be a “virtual” tour between people of the 3 countries.
Not only project beneficiaries will be monitored/evaluated, but as well the partner performance and strategy. Will be captured the various different effect of the project involvement, there will not be any ranking of importance, only a categorization per topics. Thanks to the consolidated multi-sectorial information the analysis will be an important tool for strategies and organization improvement and renovation. (at every level: - beneficiaries; field staff; local staff; national organization; partners organization and international level).
Closed questions
Open question
Objectivity is the driver of the analysis.
Subjectivity is the driver of the analysis.
Central tendencies (even if participatory)
Decentralized tendencies: unexpected results
          About ‘proving’
Looking of confirmation/not confirmation of pre-established indicators.
          About learning
Looking for unexpected effects, try to understand than what caused
Needed to see if the strategy implement is efficient or not.
Needed for improving and innovate strategies at various levels
Possible to see possible outcomes, but not impacts
Help us to pre-view possible impacts of the project

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